The Mustard Seed and the Leaven

Pastor Jeff Swanson


Description:Sermon Notes for October 1, 2017The Mustard Seed and the LeavenMatthew 13:31-35Pastor Jeff SwansonI. IntroductionII. The Parables A. The Mustard Seed and Leaven B. The Kingdom of Heaven C. The Main Point D. ApplicationIII. Conclusion

Catch-22…It’s the best there is!

Eric VanDerhoof


Description:Sermon Notes for September 17, 2017Catch-22…It’s the best there is!Exodus 14Eric VanDerhoofIntroductionl. Comprehend God’s Sovereignty (1-9)ll. Consider God’s Perspective (10-16)lll. Enjoy God’s Handiwork (17-31)Conclusion

Daring Faith

Pastor Brian Tweedie


Description:Sermon Notes for September 10, 2017Daring FaithMatthew 15:21-28Pastor Brian Tweedie

The Parable of the Wheat and Tares

Pastor Jeff Swanson


Description:Sermon Notes for September 3, 2017The Parable of the Wheat and TaresMatthew 13:24-30,36-43Pastor Jeff SwansonI. IntroductionII. Parable and Explanation A. Kingdom of Heaven B. Parable Explained C. WarningIII. Conclusion

The Servant, His Mission, and Our Great Commission

Pastor Eric Andrade


Description:Sermon Notes for August 27, 2017The Servant, His Mission, and Our Great CommissionIsaiah 42:1-9Pastor Eric Andrade1. The Call of the Servant2. The Empowering of the Servant3. The Ultimate Goal of the Servant

The Mighty Warrior and His Army of Fools (Part 3)

Eric VanDerhoof


Description:Sermon Notes for August 20, 2017The Mighty Warrior and His Army of Fools (Part 3)Eric VanDerhoof Jeremiah 20:7-13 Introductionl Enlistment or Conscription? (7)ll Bootcamp and General Orders (8)lll Active Duty (9)IV Adversarial Assaults (10)V The Great Warrior and Commander in Chief (11-12)VI Sound Off (13)Conclusion

The Security of Insecurity

Pastor Brian Tweedie


Description:Serrmon Notes for August 13, 2017The Security of InsecurityPsalm 30Pastor Brian Tweedie

Salt and Light

Pastor Chris Winans


Description:Sermon Notes forAugust 6, 2017Salt and LightMatthew 5:13-16Pastor Chris Winans

The Mighty Warrior and His Army of Fools (Part 2)

Eric VanDerhoof


Description:Sermon Notes for July 30, 2017The Mighty Warrior and His Army of Fools (Part 2)Jeremiah 20:7-13Eric VanDerhoofIntroductionl. Enlistment or Conscription? (7)ll. Bootcamp and General Orders (8)lll. Active Duty (9)IV. Adversarial Assaults (10)V. The Great Warrior and Commander in Chief (11-12)VI. Sound off (13)Conclusion

Jesus, the Saving Truth

Pastor Eric Andrade


Description:Sermon Notes for July 23, 2017Jesus, the Saving TruthJohn 18:28-38Pastor Eric Andrade1. The True Passover2. The True Redeemer3. The True King

The Mighty Warrior and His Army of Fools - (Part 2)

Eric VanDerhoof


Description:Sermon Notes for July 16, 2017The Mighty Warrior and His Army of Fools (Part 1)Jeremiah 20:7-13Eric VanDerhoofIntroductionl. Enlistment or Conscription? (7)ll. Bootcamp and General Orders (8)lll. Active Duty (9)IV. Adversarial Assaults (10)V. The Great Warrior and Commander in Chief (11-12)VI. Sound off (13)Conclusion

Do Not Fear, Jesus is the Son of God

Pastor Eric Andrade


Description:Sermon Notes for July 9, 2017Do Not Fear, Jesus is the Son of GodMark 5:21-43Pastor Eric Andrade1. A Desperate Father Finding Compassion (21-242. A Weak Faith Growing Strong (25-34)3. A Strong Enemy Being Defeated (35-43)

The Worthiness of the Lamb

Pastor Eric Andrade


Description:SERMON NOTES for July 2, 2017 The Worthiness of the LambRevelations 5Pastor Eric Andrade1. The Problem: We are not in charge any more2. The Solution: The Lamb is in charge3. The Response: We are charged with worship Him

Pray at All Times

Pastor Nate Harlan


Description:Sermon Notes for June 25, 2017Pray at All TimesEphesians 6:18-24Pastor Nate HarlanI. Prayer's role in spiritual warfareII. The intercession of the Holy SpiritIII. Boldly declaring the gospel

Living and Praying Under Fire

Pastor Joe Harrell


Description:Sermon Notes for June 18, 2017Living and Praying Under FirePsalm 40Pastor Joe Harrell

Ordinary People...Extraordinary God

Pastor Brian Tweedie


Description:Sermon Notes for June 11, 2017Ordinary People...Extraordinary GodExodus 3:1-10; 4:1-5Pastor Brian Tweedie

John the Baptist’s Question

Pastor Jeff Swanson


Description:Sermon Notes for June 4, 2017John the Baptist’s QuestionMatthew 11:1-11Pastor Jeff SwansonI. IntroductionII. The Question A. Who is the Messiah? B. Jesus' Answer C. Who is John the Baptist?III. Conclusion

The Weaker Brother

Pastor Tim Bushong


Description:Sermon Notes for May 28, 2017 The Weaker BrotherRomans 14Pastor Tim Bushong

Restored Sight: Eyes of Faith

Eric VanDerhoof


Description:Sermon Notes for May 21, 2017Restored Sight: Eyes of Faith2 Kings 6:15-17Eric VanDerhoofIntroductionl. The Feelings of “First Sight” (15)ll. A Different Perspective - Faith (16)lll. Old Eyes…New Sight (17)Conclusion

Growing Up In Our Salvation

Pastor Brian Tweedie


Description:Sermon Notes for May 14, 2017Growing Up In Our Salvation1 Peter 1:22-2:3Pastor Brian Tweedie

Sheep Among Wolves

Pastor Jeff Swanson


Description:Sermon Notes for May 7, 2017Sheep Among WolvesMatthew 10:16-24Pastor Jeff SwansonI. IntroductionII. Persecution Promised A. Sheep amidst wolves B. Do not worry! C. Response D. Not above the masterIII. Conclusion

Standing Firm in Christ’s Victory

Pastor Eric Andrade


Description:Sermon Notes for April 30, 2017 Standing Firm in Christ’s VictoryEphesians 6:10-13Pastor Eric Andrade1. The Nature of our Battle 3. The Nature of our Resources 2. The Nature of our Enemy

Rooted and Grounded In Love

Pastor Nate Harlan


Description:Sermon Notes for April 23, 2017Rooted and Grounded In LoveEphesians 3:14-21Pastor Nate HarlanI. The Knowledge of God's LoveII. Christ Dwells in our HeartsIII. The Love that Surpasses Understanding


Eric VanDerhoof


Description:Sermon Notes for April 16, 2017WANTED: DEAD AND ALIVE!Romans 6:1-14Eric VanDerhoofIntroductionl. Dilemma – A query (1-2)Answer:ll. Elucidation of the Point: The Death and Resurrection of Christ (2-4)lll. Amplification of the Lesson: United with Christ (5-11 ) A. Linked in His Crucifixion B. Linked in His Resurrection C. Implication for LifeIV. Decisions to be Made: Dead AND Alive! (12-14) A. Veracity of Understanding B. Everlasting ExperienceConclusion

The God You Made, or the God Who Made You?

Pastor Brain Tweedie


Description:Sermon Notes for April 9, 2017The God You Made, or the God Who Made You?Pastor Brain Tweedie

Healing Two Daughters

Pastor Jeff Swanson


Description:Sermon Notes for April 2, 2017Healing Two DaughtersMatthew 9:18-26Pastor Jeff SwansonI. IntroductionII. Faith makes well A. Faith of a father B. Faith of a daughter in Israel C. Christ make aliveIII. Conclusion

A Profound Mystery

Pastor Nate Harlan


Description:Sermon Notes for March 26. 2017A Profound MysteryEphesians 5:31-33Pastor Nate HarlanI. What is the "mystery" of marriage?II. How does marriage reflect Christ and His bride?III. Why is marriage crucial to the ministry of the gospel?

They’re GR-R-REAT! Celebrity or Servant?

Eric VanDerhoof


Description:Sermon Notes for March 19, 2017They’re GR-R-REAT! Celebrity or Servant?Matthew 20:25-28Eric VanDerhoofIntroductionI. Man’s view of Greatness is on display in Life (25)II. God’s expectation of Greatness is different in His Kingdom (26-27)III. Authentic Greatness is demonstrated by Christ (28)Conclusion

Into a Nameless Grave

Pastor Scott Larson


Description:Sermon Notes for March 12, 2017Into a Nameless GraveIsaiah 53:8-9Pastor Scott Larson

Jesus Calms the Storm

Pastor Jeff Swanson


Description:Sermon Notes for March 5, 2017Jesus Calms the StormMatthew 8:23-27Pastor Jeff SwansonIntroductionI. Into the Storm A. Following Jesus into the boat B. Jesus Refocuses the Disciples C. ApplicationsII. Conclusion

Free Indeed

Pastor Tim Bushong


Description:Sermon Notes for February 26, 2017Free IndeedJohn 8:31-36Pastor Tim Bushong1. True belief is ongoing, and not only mental assent.2. All those outside of Christ are slaves to sin.3. Jesus must set you free from your spiritual slavery.

The Duck Test for the Christian Life

Eric VanDerhoof


Description:Sermon Notes for February 19, 2017The Duck Test for the Christian Life1 John 2:3-6Eric VanDerhoofIntroductionI. Does it Look like a Duck – Claiming to Know God (3)II. Does it Sound like a Duck – The Proof is in the Quack (4-5) A. False "Quirk" B. True QuackIII. Does it Walk like a Duck – Following in the Footsteps of Christ (6)Conclusion

The Victory of Christ Over Sin and Death

Pastor Eric Major


Description:Sermon Notes for February 12, 2017The Victory of Christ Over Sin and Death1 Corinthians 15:50-58Pastor Eric MajorA. Because Christ Is Victorious, We Will Be Made NewB. Because Christ Is Victorious, We Will Not Stay DeadC. Because Christ Is Victorious, We Will Overcome SinD. Because Christ Is Victorious, We Will Rejoice In The Hope Of The Gospel

The Cost of Discipleship

Pastor Jeff Swanson


Description:Sermon Notes for February 5, 2017The Cost of DiscipleshipMatthew 8:18-22Pastor Jeff SwansonI. IntroductionII. What does being a disciple cost?A. Example 1, The ScribeB. Example 2, The SonC. ApplicationsIII. Conclusion


Dr. Ian Hewitson


Description:Sermon Notes for January 29, 2017MeaninglessnessGenesis 4:1-16Dr. Ian Hewitson1. The Origin of Meaninglessness2. Covenant Breaker Thinking3. Covenant Breaker Lifestyle

Keeping Our Speech Pure

Pastor Nate Harlan


Description:Sermon Notes for January 22, 2017Keeping Our Speech PureEphesians 5:1-5Pastor Nate HarlanI. Be imitators of GodII. Not even named among usIII. Why we must keep our speech pure

Living in the Kingdom

Eric VanDerhoof


Description:Sermon Notes for January 15, 2017Living in the Kingdom1 Peter 2:9-12Eric VanDerhoofIntroductionI. The Rank of a Christian (9a)II. The Resolve of a Christian (9b)III. The Record of a Christian (10)IV. The Reputation of a Christian (11-12)V. The Roles of a Christian (13ff)Conclusion

Cleansed by Jesus

Pastor Jeff Swanson


Description:Sermon Notes for January 8, 2017Cleansed by JesusMatthew 8:1-4Pastor Jeff SwansonI. IntroductionII. Cleansed By Jesus A. Background B. Lepers C. Jesus Fulfills the Law--WitnessIII. Conclusion

God’s Present

Pastor Chris Winans


Description:Sermon Notes for January 1, 2017God’s PresentLuke 2:1-14Pastor Chris Winans


Eric VanDerhoof


Description:Sermon Notes for December 25, 2016WHAT CHILD IS THIS?Eric VanDerhoofMatthew 2:1-12IntroductionI. The King of the JewsII. The King of the WorldIII. The King of HeavenConclusion

Put On the New Man

Pastor Nate Harlan


Description:Sermon Notes for December 18, 2016Put On the New ManEphesians 4:17-24 Pastor Nate HarlanI. The war between the old and new manII. The war between truth and deceitful desireIII. The necessity of being taughtIV. Put on the new man

The Widow's Gift

Pastor Scott Larson


Description:Sermon Notes for December 11, 2016The Widow's GiftMark 12:41-44Pastor Scott Larson

Let it Be to Me According to Your Word

Pastor Jeff Swanson


Description:Sermon Notes for December 3, 2016Let it Be to Me According to Your WordPastor Jeff SwansonLuke 1:26-45I. IntroductionII. Faith With Action A. God's Way is different than ours B. Getting in line with His plan C. Living By FaithIII. Conclusion

Election Reflections

Pastor Tim Bushong


Description:Sermon Notes for November 27, 2016Election Reflections1 Timothy 2:1-2Pastor Tim Bushong2016 Election Observations:1. Not a reliable barometer for spiritual health2. "Truth" is a rare commodity3. Divisions are wider and more obviousTherefore, pray/work/be even better prepared to lead people out of idolatry and darkness.

Chicken or Pig: The Cost of Commitment

Eric VanDernoof


Description:Sermon Notes for November 20, 2016Chicken or Pig: The Cost of CommitmentJoshua 24Eric VanDerhoofIntroduction (1) A. History 101 (2-13) B. Call to Action (14-15) 1. Fear the Lord 2. Make a decision C. Commitment, Cooperation or Compromise (16-27) 1. Commitment 2. Caution 3. Collaboration 4. Certification D. Action Plan (28)Conclusion – Chicken or Pig?

Say When

Pastor Chris Winans


Description:Sermon Notes for November 13, 2016Say WhenExodus 33:12-20; 34:5-8Pastor Chris Winans

Rock or Sand

Pastor Jeff Swanson


Description:Sermon Notes for November 6, 2016Rock or SandMatthew 7:24-27Pastor Jeff Swanson

The Portrait of a Blessed Person

Eric VanDerhoof


Description:Sermon Notes for October 30, 2016The Portrait of a Blessed PersonPsalm 1Eric VanDerhoofIntroductionA. Consistent Affections – what grabs my attention? (1-2) 1. Reject 2. RoutineB. Contrasting Analogies – what do I look like? (vs. 3-4) 1. Tree 2. ChaffC. Consequential Assurances – what does my future hold? (5-6) 1. Partaking 2. PerishingConclusion

Full Assurance in Life and Death

Pastor Tim Bushong


Description:Sermon Notes for October 23, 2016Full Assurance in Life and DeathHebrews 10:22-23Pastor Tim BushongFull Assurance in Life and in Death, based on:1. Character of God2. Christ’s Perfect Work3. Certainty of the Resurrection

The Peace of God

Pastor Joe Harrell


Description:Sermon Notes for October 16, 2016The Peace of GodJeremiah 29:1-14Pastor Joe HarrellI. Seek the peace (7a)II. Pray for peace (7a)III. Grow in peace (7b)